Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

Invicta Challenge Cup

Tuesday 20th August 2013, Yellow Tees, Royal Cinque Ports

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ResultsNettCSS 71 (Visitors 71)
1st David Hambling(17) 67NULL
2nd Hamish MacGregor(16) 69NULL
3rd Stephen Sunnucks(8) 69NULL
4th William Stanyard(14) 70NULL
5th Alexander Gaches(16) 71NULL
6th Liam Brown(5) 72NULL
7th Jackson Little(7) 72NULL
8th Mark Chaplin(11) 72NULL
9th Michael Hedges(2) 72NULL
10th Graham Lark(8) 72NULL
11th A Spriggs(13)  Bradfield College Golf Club72NULL
12th Michael Theobald(6) 72NULL
13th Andrew Smith(15) 72NULL
14th Peter Spriggs(8) 72NULL
15th Mark Fermor(5)  Tenterden Golf Club72NULL
16th Nicholas Wood(11) 73NULL
17th James Flashman-Fox(3) 73NULL
18th John Trainer(8) 73NULL
19th Anthony Brewer(5) 73NULL
20th Tim Murphy(10) 73NULL
21st J Edga(11)  Overseas74NULL
22nd Anthony Coral(10) 74NULL
23rd Charlie Carr(8) 74NULL
24th James Agar(16) 74NULL
25th Alasdair Niven(10) 74NULL
26th Graham Townsend(11)  Nazeing Golf Club74NULL
27th Tom Yates(5) 74NULL
28th E Hitchcock(18)  Moor Park Golf Club74NULL
29th Nigel Hilliard(5) 74NULL
30th John Bryant(18) 74NULL
31st Oliver Morrison(7) 74NULL
32nd Jeremy Stanyard(15) 74NULL
33rd Josh Edgar.(5)  Castle Royle Golf & Country Club74NULL
34th Ol Banks(7)  Worplesdon Golf Club74NULL
35th Julian Gilmore(10)  Prince's Golf Club74NULL
36th Neale Houlden(6)  Tandridge Golf Club74NULL
37th John Munro(8) 74NULL
38th Will Capel(14) 74NULL
39th Kevin Brazil(8) 75NULL
40th Jon Gammon(6) 75NULL
41st John Shorney(11) 75NULL
42nd J Burr(8)  Brough Golf Club75NULL
43rd David Yates(11) 75NULL
44th Adrian Turner(9)  75NULL
45th Hugo Sunnucks(14) 75NULL
46th Peter Stevenson(11) 75NULL
47th Colin Button(10) 76NULL
48th Mike Harrison(14)  West Malling Golf Club76NULL
49th Hector Paterson(8)  Walton Heath Golf Club (New Course)76NULL
50th Alan Walton(10) 76NULL
51st John Sadler(5)  76NULL
52nd Don Fermor(10)  Tenterden Golf Club76NULL
53rd Mike Duley(8)  Colchester Golf Club76NULL
54th William Marle(7) 76NULL
55th Michael Metcalfe(10)  Broadway Golf Club76NULL
56th T Raggatt(14)  Blackwell Golf Club76NULL
57th Nick Owen(13) 77NULL
58th Carlos Lopez-Pelegrin(4)  77NULL
59th Richard Nicklin(6)  Porters Park Golf Club77NULL
60th David Holden(7) 77NULL
61st Kevin Dodd(14) 77NULL
62nd Ivan Blinof(14)  Wentworth Golf Club77NULL
63rd Daniel Trice(5) 77NULL
64th Jack Thompson(7) 77NULL
65th N MacPherson(6)  Addington Palace Golf Club77NULL
66th Tom Munro(7) 77NULL
67th Martin Bond(8) 77NULL
68th Michael Robinson(5) 77NULL
69th David Dunlop(12)  Tandridge Golf Club77NULL
70th Duncan Andrews(7) 78NULL
71st Matthew Nolan(8) 78NULL
72nd Tony Malone(15)  Croham Hurst Golf Club78NULL
73rd Stuart Poole(7) 79NULL
74th D Ryley(8)  Beverley & East Riding Golf Club79NULL
75th Paul Trice(12) 79NULL
76th John Breen(6)  Prince's Golf Club80NULL
77th Joseph Skirrow(11) 80NULL
78th Daniel Marsh(5)  Prince's Golf Club81NULL
79th H Wakefield(13)  Brancepeth Castle Golf Club81NULL
80th Maxim Williams.(13)  81NULL
81st George Craven(20) 81NULL
82nd D Cargill(7)  Aldeburgh Golf Club82NULL
83rd Kenny Andrew(16)  Glenbervie Golf Club82NULL
84th Peter Wills(12) 82NULL
85th Sam Smith(5)  Prince's Golf Club82NULL
86th Thomas Garner(7) 82NULL
87th James Seeley(14) 82NULL
88th Paul Craven(16) 82NULL
89th Will Chivers(7) 82NULL
90th John May(14)  83NULL
91st F.J. Donagh(15)  The Royal St George's Golf Club83NULL
92nd Tony Smither(10) 83NULL
93rd C Dawson(11)  Brough Golf Club84NULL
94th Graham Seeley(8) 84NULL
95th Daniel Hills(4)  Addington Golf Club (The)84NULL
96th Steve Angus(6)  Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club84NULL
97th Jeremy Smith(6) 87NULL
98th Richard Tomkins(12) 89NULL
99th Christopher Lark(14) 92NULL
100th John Hermansson(8)  Addington Palace Golf ClubNRNULL
101st Tony Smith(9)  Rochester & Cobham Park Golf ClubNRNULL
102nd George Agar(15) NRNULL
103rd Andrew Malkin(7)  Croham Hurst Golf ClubNRNULL
104th Theodore Strong(16) NRNULL
105th Jozef Hiel(11)  NRNULL
106th Eugene Cooke III(10)  NRNULL

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